Fahad Ahmad, Yaar, Single Mastering

Tony Lucca, Live at the Family Wash, CD Mastering

Heart Dance Records, Christmas from the Heart, CD Mastering

Majestica, In the Midst of Stars, Composer, Producer, Musician, Mixing and Mastering

Ed DesJardins, Big Change/Small Town, CD Mastering

String Theory, CD Mastering

Jenny Van West, Honey & Hive, CD Mastering

Kevin Chambers, Starting Over, CD Mastering

Al Krause, Tale to Tell, CD Mastering

Tony Lucca, Sun Studio Sessions, CD Mastering

Innisfall, CD Mastering

The Party, Switch, Single Mastering

Milk James, Pose, Single Mastering

Kwaku, On My Way, Single Mastering

Skelator, CD Mastering

Somewhere in Roxbury, Single Mastering

Kasey Williams, Stick Around, Single Mastering

Kwaku, That Way, Single Mastering

Tony Lucca, Muscle Shoals Sessions, CD Mastering

Michelle Qureshi, Scattering Stars, CD Mastering

2002, Celtic Fairy Tale, CD Mastering

Isabelle, CD Mastering

Chasen Hampton, I Can’t Breathe, Single Mastering

Tony Lucca, Made to Shine, CD Mastering

Sam Barber, CD Mastering

Hello Dollface, Warrior, CD Mastering

Kasey Williams, Kiss Me, Single Mastering

Hey Monea, The Fifty, CD Mastering

Carrie Welling, The Edge, CD Mastering

Karen Ballew, Songs to Share, CD Mastering

North Texas School of Irish Music, Reflections, CD Mastering

Atropos Project, Towards Firmament, CD Mastering

Javaid, Never Give Up, Single Mastering

King Complex, Made in America, Single Mastering

Jenny Van West, Something Real, CD Mastering

Blood Island, Haunted

Whisper Roaring, CD Mastering

Don Latarski, Fusion, CD Mastering

Dave Donner, Eterna, Producer, Mixing and Mastering

Tony Lucca, “Tony Lucca”, CD mastering “Delilah” “Imagination”

2002, “Trail of Dreams”, CD mastering “Sky”

Skelator, “King of Fear”, CD mastering, High Definition mastering, Vinyl pre-mastering “Test the Metal”

Morgan Hayes, “Jailbreak”, Single mastering

Kasey Williams, “Kasey Williams”, CD mastering “Get the F Outta’ My Way” (explicit)

David Youngman, “Trust”, CD mastering “Simple Gifts”

Lila, “Divine Play”, CD mastering

Andy Avalos, “Junto A Ti”, CD mastering

NVD, CD mastering

Tinfoil and Tape, “Echo Talk”, Single mastering

Adam Bauer, “Shyam Lila”, CD mastering

Sarah Crosby, CD mastering

Africa Violeta, CD mastering

Cass Anawaty, “Convergence”, Composition, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Jared McCloud, “To Live and Die in Your Arms”, CD mastering

End of Abstract, CD mastering

The Waking Guild, “In the House of the Goats”, CD mastering

Tinfoil and Tape, Single mastering

Prat Attack, CD mastering

Anawaty/Russell now a featured artist on the Landscape HD Channel

Daniel Pittenger, “Summertime”, CD mastering

Javaid, CD mastering

Ariana and The Rose, “When You Know You Know”, single mastering

Michael Hoppe, “Serenity”, CD mastering

Elliot LaRue, “In My City”, single mastering

Don Latarski, “Fall From Place”, single mastering

Rebecca Smith, “Kolea”, CD mastering

Last Bastion, “Road to Redemption”, CD mastering

North Texas Irish School of Music, “Winter Air”, CD mastering

Blood Island, “Blood Island”, CD mastering

Doris Cellar, “Big Kiss”, “Thin Ice”, single mastering

Greg Nathan, “I’ll Think of Something”, CD mastering

Greg Fowler and the Rogue Valley Choir (circa 1974), restoration

Tech upgrade: Class A modification to FCS P3S ME

Piekoz, “Polysorrywinterplay”, CD mastering

Travis Nilan, “These are the Days”, CD mastering

Kurt Van Meter, “Good at Being Bad”, single mastering

These New South Whales, “Take the Stab”, EP mastering

Live Society, “Only a Disaster”, CD mastering

2002’s “Believe” nominated for ZMR Best Vocal Record of the Year

Misha, CD mastering

Michael Hoppe, “Rarities, Vol. 1”, CD mastering

Maura Matlak, “The Robot Nation”, CD mastering

The Hanumen, “The Hanumen”, CD mastering

Bracher Brown, “Broken Glass and Railroad Tracks”, CD mastering

New Tech on board: Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor

Dallas David, “Benson”, CD mastering

These New South Whales, “Snapper”, single mastering

Atropos Project, “Equator”, CD mastering

Fahad Ahmad, “Samjhana“, single mastering

Tuesday’s Project, “More to Come”, Recording Engineering, Mix Engineering, Mastering

Skelator ranked #2 in best of ’12

David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, “The Crossing”, re-mastered for High Definition release

Wishbeard, “IHYP”, single mastering

Anawaty/Russell’s “Analog Universe” #6 on Echoes for December

Skelator, “Cut Loose”, single mastering

The Stravinsky Riots, “Cadence Notion”, single mastering

Matt Duke’s “Love on a Major Scale” debuts at #6 on Itunes

2002’s “Believe” debuts at #8 on Billboard

Anawaty/Russell, “Analog Universe”, Composer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing and Mastering

Julie Marner, “Gift for Burundi”, CD mastering

Matt Duke, “Love on a Major Scale”, CD mastering

Sydney Jill Lehman, “Solo (mostly)”, CD mastering

Peter Hollens, “Don’t Stop Me”, single mastering

2002, “Believe”, CD mastering

Nathanial Stoll, “Sauvie Island Project”, CD mastering

Sex in Columbia, CD mastering

Peter Hollens, “Lights” (feat. Eppic), “Falling Slowly” (with Alex G.)

Hello Dollface, “Virtue”, CD mastering

Dallas David, “Why Not the Birds”, CD mastering

Abbe Anderson, single mastering

Everyday Ghosts, CD mastering

Peter Hollens, “Turn Up the Music” , single mastering

Fahad Ahmed, “Love Save Us Now”, single mastering

Doug Young’s “Autumn Roads” wins International Acoustic Music Award, 1st in instrumentals.

E. Ryan Goodman and Joe Damman, “Stuyvesant Square Duets”, Mix Engineering, Mastering

Skelator, “Agents of Power”, CD mastering and vinyl premaster

Brian Futch, “Oregon Tea”, Producer, Mix Engineering, Mastering

Everyday Ghosts, CD mastering

Isabelle, single mastering

Jenny Bird, “Migration”, CD mastering

Aspen, “Warmth”, CD mastering

Peter Hollens, “Not Over You”, single mastering

New Tech on board: ProAc Response D Two monitors

Trotsky Asst., CD mastering.

Brian Futch, “I Am America”, Producer, Recording and Mix Engineering.

Garry Hagberg, CD mastering

Arkish Pro, “Press on”, single mastering

Brian Futch, “Don’t Forget Me (Video Remix)”, Producer, Recording and Mix Engineering.

Peter Hollens (featuring Evynne), “Somebody That I Used to Know”, single mastering

California Guitar Trio, “Masterworks”, Asst. Mix Engineer

Rate of Rise, “A Stroll Through Callow Bay”, single mastering.

“Ayah Ye! Moving Train” by KG Omulo awarded “Best Debut CD” by the Jazz Journalists Association.

Gary Michael Skye, “The Pathlighters and the Traveler”, CD mastering

Tonya Betz, EP Mastering

2002, “Dreams of Peace”, Single mastering

Cass attends “The Mixfest 2011” at LA Film School with Dave Pensado, Eric Valentine, and Jean-Marie Horvat.

Doug Young, “Closing Time”, High Resolution Audio Mastering, CD Mastering

Samuel Sherbin, Single Mastering

The Addiction Dream, CD Mastering and vinyl premaster

Peter Hollens (featuring Savannah Outen), “Moves Like Jagger”, Single Mastering

Justine and Ron Fontes, “The BatsonsThemes”, music for audio books, mastering.

New tech on board: Universal Audio 6176, UAD2 Quad

Tony Lucca, “Live at Jammin’ Java”, CD Mastering

Julia Price, “Stories Between the Avenues”, CD Mastering

Skelator, “Death to All Nations”, CD Mastering and vinyl premaster

Don Latarski, Single Mastering

Rate of Rise, Single Mastering

Brian Futch, “Have Mercy”. Producer, Recording engineering, Mix Engineer, Mastering.

Hello Dollface, “Speaker Door”, CD Mastering

Skelator/Dantesco, CD and Vinyl EP Mastering

KG Omulo, “Ayah Ye! Moving Train”, CD mastering

Matt Loosigian, Single Mastering

“Andromeda” by California Guitar Trio wins “Instrumental Album of the Year” for 2010 at Indie Acoustic Project.

Dante, Single mastering

“The Crossing” by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins wins Zone Music Reporter’s “Best Electronic” AND “Best Ambient” for 2010.

TFDI, “When I Stop Running”, CD mastering

The Revere, “Ashia”, CD mastering

Kingdom County, “Love and War”, CD mastering

Lukas Hein, “Com Dialeto Brasileiro”, CD mastering

New Tech on board: API 550b modules (2), UAD-2

Donny Thompson, Single mastering

2002, “Damayanti”, CD mastering

Isabelle, “Arrival From Anywhere”, CD mastering

Martin Foster Swinger, “Moon”, CD mastering

New Tech on board: API 5500 Dual Equalizer, Foote Control Systems P3S Stereo Compressor (Mastering version)

Andrea Paradiso, Single mastering

Brian Futch, “I Got My Mojo On”, Recording Engineering, Mix engineering

Na Mesa, “Chorando Na Mesa”, CD mastering

Rate of Rise, Self-titled, CD mastering

Forever Growing, “The Device”, Mix engineering, CD mastering

Marc Enfroy, “Unconditional”, CD mastering. Produced by 2002.

Cass Anawaty attends Master Class at Bruce Swedien’s West Viking Studios.

Greta Beigel, CD mastering

Charlee Black Band, CD mastering

Brian Futch, “Dancing With Angels”, Mix Engineering, Mastering

Brian Futch, “And Then There Were Songs…”, Recording Engineering, Mix Engineering, Producer

E. Ryan Goodman, “Halves”, CD mastering

Dennis St. Pierre, Single mastering

Marc Enfroy, Single mastering

Isabelle, “Depart to Nowhere”, CD mastering

Tom Giordano, Single mastering

Dirty Irby and the Plow Kings, Single mastering

California Guitar Trio, “Andromeda”, CD mastering

David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, “The Crossing”, CD mastering (co-mastered with Howard Givens)

Love Lies Dying, CD mastering

Michael Barrs, “Palmyra Suite”, CD mastering

Ala Nar, “With Each Good Rain”, CD mastering

Vegas to Vesta, “Thin Line on the Horizon”, CD Mastering

Nathan Ecker, Single Mastering

Double Vision, Single Mastering

Deborah Martin, “Deep Roots, Hidden Waters” (2010 remaster), CD mastering (co-mastered with Howard Givens)

Ed DesJardins’ “Innerspace”, CD mastering

Brittany McQuinn, Single Mastering

Tuesday’s Project, (self-titled), CD mastering

Michael Hoppe and Mitsuki Dazai, “Themes and Dreams: Romances for the Koto”, CD mastering

Neptune Rodeo’s “Into the Fire”, CD mastering

Charlie Hilton, Single mastering (3)

Piekoz, “From Photograph, The Rabbit Making Rust”, CD mastering

Michael York and Michael Hoppe, “Prayers”, CD mastering

Rate of Rise, Single mastering

Sarah Montieth, Single Mastering

Isabelle, CD mastering

Jackbone Dixie, Mix engineering and single mastering

“Noone Lasses” by Anton Emery, CD mastering

Michael Mandrell, “Returning and Returned” Mix engineering and CD mastering

“Two Eagles Soaring” by Brett Brady/Michael Hoppe, CD mastering

Dwain Briggs, “Angele Dei” CD mastering

Pamela Pachal, Single mastering

Stephanie Woods, EP mastering

Charity White, EP mastering

Eric Skye, Single mastering

Melodina, EP mastering

“MonJour” by Anawaty/Russell, Producer, Recording Engineer, CD mastering

Leraine Horstmanshoff, “Harmony” CD mastering

Trevor Binkley, CD mastering

“Ocean of Sound” by Shantala, Compilation and CD mastering

“Mystic’s Muse”, Jenny Bird, Recording engineering (6 tracks) Mix engineering (4 tracks), CD mastering

“The River” by Michael Hoppe, CD mastering

New Vinyard Music, Jeff Valdovinos, composer. Stem mastering and demo reel.

Technology upgrade: New DAW built by ADK, Intel Core i7

“Rockit”, Disco Organica, CD mastering

“Demented” by Bolo, CD mastering

Red Savannah, EP mastering

Larry Pattis wins an International Acoustic Music Award (IAMA) for ‘Eleven Doors’!

“ChapterFour” (self-titled), CD mastering

“The Definition”, Forever Growing, CD mastering

“LIVE in Love” by Shantala, CD mastering

Audio Media “The World’s Leading Professional Audio Technology Magazine” interviews Cass on “Power”…..

When Audio Media decided to do a feature on all things ‘power’—conditioning, balancing, regulation, etc., they spent time with Cass discussing the importance and the benefits of running a properly designed power scheme in a professional mastering studio. While it may not be the most fascinating (or even interesting) topic to many artists or recording engineers, it is an integral part of the chain, and something we take very seriously. It makes a difference, as the author concludes.

Read the article in flash-based format here.

Audio Media Magazine on the web.

“Burn in My Mind”, Twenty Four Flowers, Single mastering

“Nagraan” by Paul Russell, CD mastering

“Acoustica Funkus”, Don Latarski, CD mastering

“What Tomorrow Brings”, Larry Pattis, CD mastering

“Pink Heels and Gold Guitars”, from Isabelle, CD mastering

“American Bliss”, from The Wobblies, CD mastering

“Nama Mala: Garland of Divine Name”, Mark Choplin and Terra Tiffany, CD mastering

“The Exile Collection: No Excuses”, Various Artists, CD mastering

“Center Stage….Music in Motion”, Various Artists, CD mastering

“Far From Home”, Toby Bresnahan, CD mastering

“Tuo”, John Stowell and Don Latarski, CD mastering

“Innocence Lost” (self-titled), CD mastering

“Sanctuary”, by Jenny Bird and Michael Mandrell, Recording engineering (2 tracks) Mix engineering (4 tracks)

“Dreamland” by Laura Zaerr, CD mastering

“Don Latarski & Rue D’ Acoustic”, CD mastering